Bhakti is a gifted Coach. Her deep listening during the session helped me listen to my own concerns and insights which were extremely helpful for clarity and action. Her empathetic nudging was helpful in making my decisions. She helped me in concretising my feelings into a clear idea in very short time during discussion. She carries an immense wealth of experience with her and is passionate about creating value for her clients. And that matters the most.

Dr.Tanuja Sharma, Professor, Delhi

Bhakti is a remarkable coach. She skillfully draws out the challenges you are facing in your career or personal life, while asking you the exact questions that lead you to solutions. She walks the talk that all solutions are within us. Her insights on situations have depth and gravity, and she helps you arrive at quantifiable goals to set you up for success. I am so happy to have her in my corner, and highly recommend her as a coach.

Deepali Velayuthan, Business Executive, Supermicro, USA

I’ve really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Bhakti. Her questions led me to reflect deeply and find answers to the issues I wanted clarity on. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to grow and work on their life goals in a thoughtful way.

Gunjali Singh, Development Sector Leader, Mumbai

Throughout my coaching journey Bhakti has created a space place for me to explore, question and grow through the challenges that I was facing. She has never judged me and helped me understand and face some of my deepest fears that were impacting my life. Gaining that perspective has helped me enormously.

Rabina, Executive, Hong Kong