Career Transition

When was the last time you jumped out of bed excited to start the day? We spend at least a third of our day working, many of us even longer. So, you shouldn’t have to drag your feet to get ready to go to a job that you stopped loving many years ago, or perhaps never did.

Whether we lack clarity about what we want to do, or the courage to make the change, most of us don’t take a career switch lightly. I know I thought about it for years before I took the plunge. But when I did, it was the best decision I made and I’m grateful for it each day.

In a Career Coaching program, you can discuss your life’s purpose in a confidential and safe space, as well as the obstacles preventing you from achieving it. So, if you’ve found yourself feeling uncertain recently and would like to explore your options, career coaching may be for you.

Career coaching includes the following areas, but isn’t limited to these:

  • Helping you clarify what you’re looking to do next
  • Exploring self-limiting beliefs that don’t serve you
  • Understanding financial constraints and their impact if any
  • Creating action plans that focus on explorations customized to your risk-appetite

If this sounds like it’s the right conversation for you, contact me for a complimentary discussion.

Goal Settings

Have you always wanted to embark on a personal or professional project but haven’t been able to get yourself organized? We often create mental lists of things we wish to accomplish in the future, but either get over-whelmed by the idea of planning them or let the routine of our lives take over, only to look back in regret years later.

Whether you want to get fit or are hoping to go back to school, you may find yourself making plans without the motivation or approach on how to achieve these goals.

In goal-setting coaching, we will discuss your plans and help you find a way to move forward with them in a way that feels do-able and still leaves you with a sense of accomplishment afterwards.

The program includes some of the following elements:

  • Exploring the relevance and importance of your goals
  • Right-sizing goals based on current priorities
  • Creating a sense of clarity around them
  • Formulating action plans that feel challenging, yet achievable

If you’ve been struggling to achieve your goals, or are interested in setting new ones, contact me for a complimentary discussion.

Relationship Coaching

Do you have someone in your life you’d like to get along with better?

As human beings, managing relationships is perhaps one of the most difficult things we need to do, and one of the most critical. While some of our connections are strong, we may find ourselves struggling to have a meaningful conversation with a loved one or in a gridlock with a boss. Relationships can be improved, and managing them can be learned, if you have the right thinking partner.

In these sessions, we collaborate on creating an environment in which you can safely discuss the nuances of certain important relationships. With empathy and sensitivity, I will help you develop tools to manage conflicts so you feel empowered to have difficult conversations. And I will guide you in exploring the perspectives that you find challenging to access, helping you create a way forward in a complex situation.

If you have someone in your life that you’d like to get along with better, contact me for a complimentary discussion.