About Me

Hi, I’m Bhakti.

Coach. Writer. Student.

I do what I love and love what I do.

I’ve been married for 24 years and have two teenage boys.

I am about to embark on my third Master’s Degree – this time in Guidance & Counselling. And I’ve run the NYC marathon and am currently enrolled in a highly disciplined yoga teacher training program.

Each step in my journey is bringing me closer to my soul and my true purpose in life. But I’ve had to work very hard to get to this place.

I hadn’t experienced a loving and healthy home environment until I created one with my own family. This was the hardest thing I’ve had to do as an adult, and it taught me that resilience can be learned and relationships can be worked on through hard work and understanding, but most of all, through commitment. And while I’m happy to experience this kind of love and support, it took me years before I was finally on the right path in all areas of my life.

Unlike what most people think, career change doesn’t happen overnight. During my 20+ years in banking, I stayed up late nights and weekends researching and writing children’s books, even handling the publishing and distribution myself. But my hard work paid off when I landed a dozen titles in bookstores across India and Hong Kong, and received an offer from Puffin Books to create a new series. This gave me the confidence to finally leave my day job and pursue writing full-time.

After I left banking, I started writing lifestyle stories in addition to children’s books. I focus primarily on the extraordinary resilience of ordinary people in the face of insurmountable adversities, and over sixty articles later, I still marvel at the strength of the human spirit. But for every one person who overcame life’s difficulties, I came across many more who simply didn’t know how to. That’s when I realized that I want to do more than just write people’s stories. I want to go a step further to help them shape their own narratives. And so, I started coaching.

I believe my diverse, sometimes trying, experiences make me a better coach. And, position me exceptionally well to support you build resilience in adversity, seek a career transition, set and achieve goals, manage time and stress better and improve relationships with colleagues and loved ones.

Since setting on this path, I’ve become a credentialed ICF coach (ACC), and now engage in partnerships with clients globally. When I am not coaching or writing, I’m meandering on the hills of Hong Kong with my two dogs. And like any mother, I spend my weekends running after my boys. When I finally do get a few moments to myself, I’m usually curled up in the corner of my home with a book and a steaming cup of chai.

If my life’s journey resonates with you, contact me so we can explore how I can support you with yours.

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Degrees, Certifications and Awards

  • Credentialled ICF Coach (ACC)
  • One of three finalists for the American Chamber of Commerce Women of Influence Award in the category of Masters of Arts 2021  
  • Named in the 2020 Diversity List compiled by Zubin Foundation  
  • Won the Mrs. Shroff Inspiring Woman Award in the category of Literature in Hong Kong, 2019
  • Master of Fine Arts In Creative Writing, Hong Kong University, 2017
  • CFA charterholder (2005-2017)
  • Masters in Finance and Control, Delhi University, 1995
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Delhi University, 1993

To read more about Bhakti’s books and articles, visit her website https://bhaktimathur.com/.