Bhakti Mathur is a former finance industry executive with over twenty years’ experience in private banking in global firms such as J Safra Sarasin, ING Asia and Citigroup. While still in banking, Bhakti wrote a children’s book, and in a few years turned it into a highly successful series of 16 + books and a contract with Penguin India. Shortly after she left banking in 2017, Bhakti decided to build further on her writing skills by becoming a feature writer, focusing primarily on the extraordinary resilience of ordinary people in the face of insurmountable adversities. Over sixty published articles later, Bhakti still marvels at the strength of the human spirit.

Bhakti’s career choices may seem diverse at first, however, most of her endeavours have required her to connect with people in a way that builds meaningful and trusting relationships. Whether she was managing the investments of high net-worth client or interviewing a cancer survivor for a feature article, the interaction required a level of vulnerability and belief in Bhakti’s ability to listen and create an environment of support and trust. She has successfully transferred these skills into coaching, taking the time to understand clients’ needs beyond the surface, and co-creating a lasting connection with them.

While the writer in her is accustomed to helping people tell stories of things that happened to them, as a coach, Bhakti goes a step further to help people shape their own narratives. Her experiences have positioned her exceptionally well in supporting clients build resilience in adversity, seek a career transition, set and achieve goals, manage time and stress better and improve relationships with colleagues and loved ones.

As the clients embark on this transformative journey with Bhakti, they do so in the knowledge that they’re in the company of an insightful thought partner, one who isn’t afraid to challenge their thinking but also holds a safe space for this weighty discourse. Having had a difficult childhood herself, Bhakti has immense empathy and resilience, which coupled with her rich experiences in a highly results-driven industry, has led to the kind of balanced approach that is ideal in a coach. Bhakti’s clients can expect to benefit from her holistic outlook and authentic curiosity, as she sets the stage by asking broad, thoughtful questions, and creates an environment for open and transparent reflection, all concluding with a practical action plan.

Bhakti is a credentialled ICF coach with Masters’ degrees in Finance and Creative Writing. Following New Delhi & San Francisco, she has called Hong Kong home since the year 2000. Bhakti ran the New York Marathon in 2017 and a couple of half marathons over the years, and is currently enrolled in an Iyengar yoga teacher training program. When Bhakti is not coaching or writing, she’s meandering on the hills of Hong Kong with her 2 dogs. She spends her weekends running after her teenage boys, or curled up in the corner of her home with a book and a steaming cup of chai.

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